Marine Support Technician – Full Time, Riverside

Work Type:

  • Full time
  • Riverside

Company: Cali Marine

Job Description:

  • Experts diagnose a variety of problems based on experience, analysis and testing
  • Maintain top knowledge of marine diagnostic technology
  • Perform routine service inspections, tests and lubricate engines and other significant component.
  • Repair a variety of new or old boats, including inboard, outboard and inboard/outboard, as well as trailers
  • Assist in the full setup and testing of new boats
  • Ability to summarize and winter boats of all brands
  • Be comfortable using a wide range of store tools and equipment
  • Move boats from 19 ‘- 26’ length
  • Maintain a positive attitude, and productive person of our team
  • Please provide a positive service experience to our customers
  • Maintain a safe and clean work environment
  • Any problem solver and be willing to deal with anything – be able to work individually and efficiently
  • Please provide them with their own set of tools
  • Promote the ink marine brand
  • Any other request from the service director


The necessary knowledge, skills and competencies. Reasonable living arrangements can be made to enable persons with disabilities to perform essential work tasks.


  • Two years experience in a technical repair role is preferred

Computer Skills:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office will be a priority


  • Trailing experience required

Boat Management:

  • Ability to operate a wide range of different boats


  • To perform the task successfully, one needs to demonstrate the following skills:

Technical Skills:

  • Strong mechanical skills, knowledge of engines,
  • Understanding of electrical systems,
  • Able to operate and unload boats up to 26% length.


  • The ability to safely and efficiently trailer boats, as well as to navigate them.


  • Able to communicate professionally with colleagues, clients and employees of the organization, communicating information clearly and effectively orally and writing.
  • Be able to work with high-value people in stores, on water or in the customer’s home.


  • Ability to communicate honestly
  • Openly in the event of any mistake or accident and to learn from them.


  • Ability to travel to different places for training and continuous improvement



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