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Terms and Condition - Job Circular
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Terms and Condition

Welcome to our Terms and Conditions. You are using our website and you agree to our terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions are discussed below.

Your use and we should do:

Job-circular.com is a Bangladeshi web site that publishes online job circular. You can use our web site at any time with your multiple devices. However, you cannot override any of our policies. At the same time, you will know our Privacy Policy. Because, Our privacy policy should be known to all users.

Job-circular.com has its own android apps (Job Circular), the terms of our web site and apps are the same. Everyone can use our web sites and apps. The information circulated on our web sites and apps is collected from various official web sites and news media. Therefore, you must verify the notice and apply, because we will not carry or accept you in any way if you are hurt by applying for a false notice. Do not make a financial transaction after applying to a company or agency. It’s just a suggestion to everyone.

Protection of users device:

Our web site and android apps do not carry any viruses, malware, crack or anything harmful to the user. So your smartphone or computer will not be harmed in using our web site. If someone uses our information to give our users something harmful to the device via email, picture, file, code or link, you will not open or download them as a user. If you are able to understand that someone is providing something harmful to you, then let us know very quickly. We will take action against him immediately. Otherwise, we does not carry or accept your loss.

Copyright prohibited:

Job-Circular.com’s logo, email, design, post, picture, cover image, code may not be used in any way to market, business or trade. But you can share our post, picture, cover image, email, website, logo with anyone.

Do not provide:

Our web site is free to everyone and completely free of charge. If someone asks you to pay for using our web site, do not provide it. Even so, refrain from providing all your personal information. We do not want any information from our users. We have the option of commenting on our web site, where you can let us know your comment. However, if anyone asks for your information from the comment options, you will refrain from providing it.

Terms for circular:

Almost all circular of this web site are provided with clues and dates. Verify the release date, end date and source of each circular. The authority has the power to change the application deadline, examination time, date, place and fee for any reason on the job circular. So, we will not carry or accept any reason you fail to submit an application, test or fee for any reason or negligence.

Terms for organization:

If an organization wants to publish a job circular on our web site, we will charge it. At the same time, the design, size, text, image and time of the circular must be provided. You cannot provide false information, and we will not accept it if you have bad intentions. The notice will be published in accordance with our Terms.

Prohibited activities:

The user is certainly not required to associate Job-Circular.com with any political party, racism, sexism or otherwise damage its reputation. The user is also prohibited from defaming Job-Circular.com or any other person defaming.

Advertisements and Marketing:

The advertisements included in our website and the android app are operated by third-party companies, which may collect information about users for which Job-Circular.com is under no obligation to collect any information.

We are marketing our website and android apps.. It can be done on social media ads and locally. If anyone likes our website and can use the android app. We do not ask anyone to use our website and android apps to pressure or threaten us.

Your Terms:

Contact us by email [jobcircular@aol.com] to share your thoughts on our website and android applications. Stay with us and invite your friends to use our website and the android app to accept our terms and conditions.

We are able to make changes to the Terms at any time.

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